Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Beginning..

I've just returned to Chennai after an IIM-Indore GD-PI in Bangalore. It was during the PI that one of the panelists asked me whether i wrote a blog. That was when i felt reading blogs has been gr8 fun, its time to start my own.. I hope my posts will be regular and some of u out there will enjoy reading em..
Preparation for these Gd-PIs during the past few months has been an eye-opener.You can excel in so many fields and still not know enough..But the best part of it is that the journey is truly enjoyable and it brings about a change in how you view life and move forward. New portals of knowledge open-up and it strikes you...GOD,I WAS MISSING A HELL OF A LOT!
Writing CAT is more then giving an MBA entrance..It's a life-time experience.
I've learnt one big thing from all of this.. With all the sincerity in studies and work , don't miss out on the oceans of unread knowledge out there.. GO DIVE , AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE...


madhuvizhi said...

read your blog.. well a good beginning :-)best way to communicate life's happenings to others.. friends specially. keep updating.. dont miss out on important events.

div said...

it is suppose to be ur first blog its awesome. u have refined each and evry word so nicely. its a very good way to let others know about wats happening in ur life. a very good start. i liked it a lot. keep it up. get going.


rohit said...

I like it,was fun reading.. a couple of more posts from you and i will be xited enough to start writing one myself..
make sure you keep writing these, i m gonna look forward to read your stories often

shobi said...

Hey buddy!! your blog. Its really cool.Its a nice way to share these funny things happening in everybody's life.Even me:-):-):-)....reptilesophobia.Good.Keep updating.I'll be eager to read it.