Saturday, October 18, 2008

"The Man from Earth", Released Nov. 2007

On recommendation by a friend at college, I watched this movie a while back. And I must say, it's one of the most simply made films I've seen in a long time. But don't let simplicity cloud the ingenuity behind the plot. I mean, how often have you seen a movie in which 6-7 people sit in a room, chat and create a blockbuster. The beauty of the movie is accentuated by the soundtrack "Forever" by Chantelle Duncan, featured at the end.(Click on the link to download the song and see what I mean)
The story is Jerome Bixby's last work, which he completed on his deathbed in April 1998, after starting it in the early 1960s. Bixby dictated the last of his screenplay to his son, screenwriter Emerson Bixby. After Jerome Bixby's death the script was given to Richard Schenkman to direct on a $200,000 budget, which is pretty low by all standards. That's understandable by the fact that the whole movie was shot in 1 room.
The lead role,Professor John Oldman, is played by David Lee Smith, who claims to be 14,000 years old from the Upper Paleolithic era. No, it's not a case of incarnation; John has walked across ages exploring religions and nature across the globe. To avoid being discovered, he moves on every 10 years leaving his past to become history.
I shall not reveal any more of the suspense... For movie lovers, I'll just say one thing-"You can thank me once you've seen it". And for those of you who just want to know the full story, proceed to the following link:
For more details on the cast and the men behind the movie, you can visit the movie's official website,

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