Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anger, Boredom, Loneliness and Burning Eyes...

I'm gonna use this post as a scratch notepad today. So if you're looking for something really awesome and interesting to read... Well, then this is probably not the place.. :)

I'm in that state where I'm tired and wish to sleep, but more than that I feel like speaking to a close friend. I can hear people enjoying and shouting around.. all over the hostel, but I'm lonely. I have work to do but my brain is just not motivated enough. You're thinking I've gone nuts. Come on... have you never experienced this? I'm sure you have....

It seems like someone has taken shelter in my eyes and has lit a chimney inside.. They're burning like hell. But I can't sleep.
If only people could understand my state of mind and not be so crazy about sleeping all the time, I'd have someone to talk to. But then again, we expect too much sometimes, and we are mad enough to think that we're entitled to that freedom.
It's strange how some people can speak for hours on the phone but the same can't happen face to face, apparently they wouldn't be able to sleep. I guess my speech is a lullaby to them... Well at least my wife will some day be glad that I put my kids to bed real fast.

Right now, I miss my 2 dogs a lot.. Winny and Punnu (The names might sound timid, but they're ferocious German Shephards). Dogs.... They'll just lie by your side and listen to anything you want to say, even if they're dead tired and SLEEPY. All they need is a litle bit of love. Miss you fella's.

I could go on writing like this forever, but I'm bored of doing this also. Many avid bloggers will say that this post is a piece of trash and that blogs aren't supposed to be written like some Diary. But I don't really give a damn. So if you're planning to comment anything like that... think twice!
Yes, I'm in a foul mood.


Raghav said...

Didn't know you have dogs ;)

between you have to at-least reply the emails of the friends , from who you expect the call ;) haha!

Mayank Verdia said...

I can understand what whould have been your statement of mind banaa....
I like the post..